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Organic root vegetables

什麼是有機根莖類蔬菜 What is organic root vegetable


What is organic root vegetable


Organic root vegetables include a variety of vegetables that grow underground and are cultivated according to organic standards. Examples include carrots, beets, and potatoes. Organic farming avoids chemical pesticides and promotes soil health.


What is special about root vegetables compared to leafy vegetables?


Root vegetables and leafy greens differ in their nutritional profiles and storage capabilities. Root vegetables store energy in the form of carbohydrates in their roots, rich in vitamins B and C and fiber. Leafy greens, growing above ground, are high in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals but have fewer carbohydrates. Root vegetables have a longer shelf life, while leafy greens are known for their freshness.



Organic vegetables contain more nutrients

Walter J. Crinnion[1] 在 2010 年發表的研究支持了這樣的觀點:包括蔬菜在內的有機食品通常含有較高含量的重要營養素,如維生素 C、鐵、鎂和磷。 與非有機食品相比,這使它們成為更健康的選擇。 研究還表明,有機產品的硝酸鹽含量較低,農藥殘留也較少,這使得人們普遍認為有機食品對健康更有益。

Walter J. Crinnion’s study, published in 2010, supports the view that organic foods, including vegetables, generally have higher levels of important nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. This makes them a healthier choice compared to non-organic foods. Research also shows that organic products have lower nitrate levels and fewer pesticide residues, contributing to the general belief that organic foods are more beneficial to health.



No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used 

作為有機生產者,我想強調的是,我們的有機蔬菜中農藥殘留量明顯減少,這確保了更健康的飲食和環境。 一項研究證實[2],有機產品通常含有較低的農藥殘留量,這使其成為比傳統產品更安全的選擇。 這些發現增加了人們對有機食品及其健康益處的信任。 我們很自豪能為客戶提供不僅對他們有益而且對地球有益的產品。

As an organic producer, I would like to emphasize that our organic vegetables contain significantly less pesticide residues, which ensures a healthier diet and environment. A study[2] confirms that organic products generally have lower traces of pesticides, making them a safer choice over conventional products. These findings increase trust in organic foods and their health benefits. We are proud to offer our customers products that are not only good for them, but also good for the planet.Choosing organic products means supporting agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which is beneficial for both the environment and human health. Organic farming protects ecosystems, promotes biodiversity, and ensures the food we consume is purer and safer.


No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used 
Enhanced Health Benefits: The Power of Secondary Plant Compounds in Organic Vegetables


Enhanced Health Benefits: The Power of Secondary Plant Compounds in Organic Vegetables


Adding to the benefits of organic vegetables, it’s important to highlight that organically grown vegetables often contain higher levels of secondary plant compounds, which are beneficial for health. These compounds can have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties, contributing significantly to the nutritional value and health benefits of organic produce.

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