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The organic store


Organic Store - the Farm

藍妹有機農莊 – Organic store

歡迎你來到這裏 welcome


產品 – Product

Organic vegetables

精選最佳有機葉菜,為您帶來健康與美味。 Selected best organic leafy vegetables, bringing you health and flavor.

Organic root vegetables

精選健康有機根蔬菜,營養豐富,味道鮮美。 Selected healthy organic root vegetables, rich in nutrients, delicious in taste.

Organic fruits

新鮮有機水果,天然甜味,為您的健康加分。 Fresh organic fruits, naturally sweet, a plus for your health.

我們的故事 – Our Story


Our journey began with a passion for sustainable agriculture and the desire to bring healthy, organic food directly from our farm in Hong Kong to people’s tables. Evolving from a small initiative to a respected source of organic products in the region, we firmly believe in the power of community collaboration and innovation to cultivate high-quality, nutrient-rich foods that are beneficial for both people and the planet.


Why organic

Our team put in hours of market research when creating each design. We pride ourselves in our outstanding services by exquisitely moving through each stages of design, carefully planning and finding the most elegant and budget-friendly solutions for our clients. We keep all our designs current with a timeless feel, all the while ensuring that we achieve and align with our client’s vision and their objectives.